About Smart Standards

Smart Standards are part of NIMS Smart Training Solutions, an innovative framework for modernizing training to keep up with the pace emerging technologies and building a bridge between educators and employers.

Smart Standards are strategically structured and defined based on a set of rules and guidelines that reveal a level of content that is just right for industry experts to agree on. The framework is duty-based, whereas the term "duty" is synonymous with "standard". Duties define responsibilities associated with an industry and are organized into job roles. NIMS built a repository of industry job roles based on how employers assign duties to employees within the workplace.

Tips for taking the survey

A duty would be defined as "Installing electrical components". A task would be defined as "Properly wired a three-phase motor". Although both can be considered standards, a duty is written at a level that industry experts can agree on. For example, company "A" workers install motors and company "B" workers install switches. Each company assigns the same duty of installing electrical components, but they do not agree on the type of components.

Assess the accuracy of each duty from the perspective of general responsibilities within the industry. What does a worker do and what decisions must they make to satisfy the duty.

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