Check (standardize) hand-held Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) to ensure accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility.
Access to hand-held M&TE, standardization artifact, applicable specification, process documentation/specification, standardization procedure, and any related accessories
  • What you do
    1. Taking measurements in accordance with M&TE standardization procedure
    2. Cleaning and adjusting M&TE
  • Decisions you make
    1. Evaluating condition of standardization artifact
    2. Selecting correct standardization artifact
    3. Determining if M&TE is usable
Measurement verification, Observation

Role: Slide Forming Technician

Slide Forming Technicians set up equipment to run proven jobs; assemble and set tool components and secure modules and devices to machines; run and inspect parts while monitoring and adjusting process, equipment and tool conditions.
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